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Muslim Terrorists Continue Reign Of Violence Killing 28 In Kenya

The world is distraught with violence from Muslims in the Middle East and Africa. Extremist groups continue to fuel pressure against the so-called peaceful religion, by enacting violent and deadly acts against innocent people from other religions. Some Muslims are even out to kill and intimidate other Muslims with slightly different points of view. With nearly 1.5 billion estimated Muslims across the world, the militant extremists still represent a small fraction of the total religious population. Unfortunately for peaceful Muslims, there aren’t really the same number of religious extremists from other religions running around at this time killing innocent people in the name of their own religion.

Muslim Terrorists Continue Reign Of Violence Killing 28 In Kenya

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Terrorist Muslims from Somalia’s al-Shabaab have killed 28 suspected non-Muslims in Kenya. (Image from Wikipedia)

Some wonder if the militant violence expressed by some Muslims is more of a product of their social, political, and economic upbringing than it is a product of their religious text. Surely there are some very extreme and violence-promoting Islamic religious leaders, but they do not account for all of the violence in the Muslim world. Some groups of Muslims go out on their own accord to kidnap and murder non-Muslims or even other Muslims who practice religion differently than they do. Many Muslims throughout the world tend to live in regions that are economically poor, and politically corrupt. Each of those factors could also be a driving force behind the growing violence in Africa and the Middle East.

Many militant Muslims feel that they are at the forefront of a religious war, and that they will be heroic warriors when they die. These Jihadists have posed a threat to national security all across the globe. Innocent people are in harms way of machine gun and machete wielding fanatics who will stop at nothing to proclaim their love of their religion.

Terrorists in Kenya have recently kidnapped 28 non-Muslims and murdered them for not holding the same religious beliefs as them. These particular terrorists came from across the borders in Somalia, and claim to be a part of al-Shabaab. This group has caused many issues in Kenya, as they try to establish a rule by Sharia Law all across the globe. They raided an area of Kenya and used intimidation and force to attempt to weed out the non-Muslims from the Muslims. Those who could not recite some key Islamic phrases were assumed to be unfaithful or infidels and were struck down on the spot. This type of violence will become more typical in other parts of the world if this type of influence spreads outside of the region.

Muslim Terrorists Continue Reign Of Violence Killing 28 In Kenya.

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