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New Nestle Beverage With C13 Could Burn Fat Like Exercise

Forget diet soft drinks, this new Nestle beverage is potentially a diet in a bottle. Nestle is claiming to be developing a new drink that could burn fat in the human body in the same way that exercise does. By researching the enzymes and compounds that help to burn fat, the Swiss-based food manufacturer thinks that they have been able to synthesize a new product that can do the same thing. This type of product will probably be met with plenty of hype and criticism when it gets closer to launching on the market.

New Nestle Beverage With C13 Could Burn Fat Like Exercise

AMPK headline

Nestle has been developing a new compound called C13 that can activate the AMPK proteins in our body’s cells. The result is a fat burning metabolism that can help us shed pounds. (Image from Nestle.com)

Research being conducted on mice has shown that those who are given a diet containing the new compound called C13 are actually able to lose fat at a higher rate than mice in the same group who are not. C13 helps break the fat cells down in the body in a fashion that is nearly identical to the way that it burns it during cardiovascular exercise. This provides a potential method to help combat obesity and other health risks that are posed by a high body fat content. The C13 ignites the AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase) protein in the human body, which is a key compound in nearly every cell. The AMPK protein appears to be partially responsible for the metabolic rate in the body, and by using C13 to excite it the metabolism can be sped up.

The new compound could help people who are physically unable to exercise to lose critical amounts of weight. It can also be used in moderate amounts to help people maintain a more healthy body mass. It is not said whether the compound can really be used to make up for a poor diet, but it is clear at this point that when used in combination with a healthy diet that it helps the body rid itself of fat at higher than natural rates.

This new chemical could potentially see itself being added to bottled water, flavored beverages, and possibly even food. There is still some further testing a research that will be required to refine the effectiveness and safety of this new chemical. It may be years before we see it hit the shelves in our stores, but it may soon be used in trials with humans to test its effectiveness.

Just like how bad food can have a negative effect on our bodies, with proper research companies like Nestle can produce foods that have a positive effect on our bodies to help us live healthier lives.

New Nestle Beverage With C13 Could Burn Fat Like Exercise.

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