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How Does Space Affect Men And Women?

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute have just released the results of an extensive study on the effects of space on gender. The research team gathered years of both published and unpublished data on human spaceflight in order to analyze the psychological and physiological changes that occur during spaceflight between the sexes.


NASA/Image: Zastavki/NASA

The information was divided up between six different work groups. They examined different factors including “cardiovascular, immunological, sensorimotor, musculoskeletal, reproductive and behavioral implications on spaceflight adaptation for men and women.”

The compilation of the scientists’ research, titled, “Impact of Sex and Gender on Adaptation to Space”, was published in this month’s edition of the Journal of Women’s Health. NASA states that the results are the “most current, comprehensive report on sex and gender differences related to human physiology and psychology in spaceflight and on Earth.”


Astronauts/Image: UniverseToday

The investigative teams discovered there were no differences between men and women in terms of psychological or behavioral responses while in flight. There were also no differences between the sexes in terms of “neurobehavioral performance and sleep measures” either. They did, however, come across numerous physiological differences.

The research teams also admitted that it was hard to draw a solid conclusion on sex/gender data alone mainly because of the reported “disparity between available data” on male and female astronauts. As of June 2013, a total of 477 males have gone into space as opposed to only 57 females. Because of this the scientific teams were obligated to suggest that NASA choose more women astronauts for future space missions.

Previous Penn State penman Jack S. Chesney, who has written several web content articles on NASA, said: “The idea was interesting and had value. Still, anyone who has followed the history of manned space flight could have suspected the lack of women in space would pose problems somewhere.”

How Does Space Affect Men And Women?

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