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High Heels Are Sexy

According to a groundbreaking study published in Springer’s journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, high heels are officially sexy. Study author Nicolas Guéguen of the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France investigated the influence of women’s shoes on the behavior of men and discovered that women in high heels bring out something in men.

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Woman in high heels/Image: LikeAlady

Guéguen says: “Women’s shoe heel size exerts a powerful effect on the behavior of men.  His study reveals the  age-old inclination of men to be influenced by enticing physical attributes.

In order to complete his research, Guéguen studied the reactions of 90 randomly selected male subjects ages 25 to 50 in Brittany, France. In one field experiment a 19-year-old female asked men on the street to complete a questionnaire. In one test she wore flat shoes with a 0.5 cm heel. In a second test she wore 5 cm heels and in the final test she wore high heels measuring 9 cm.

What were the results? The experiment demonstrated that between the lowest and highest heel heights men’s responsiveness doubled.

Guéguen tested people’s empathy as well. He studied the reactions of almost 180 men and women when four young women—all of the same height, weight and shoe size—dropped a single glove on three different occasions. The young ladies wore similar clothing of an identical color but they wore different pairs of shoes with heels the same height as in the prior experiment.

Female respondents reacted no differently according to the heel height of the women who dropped a glove. Men, however, had their readiness to assist increased by one third from the flat shoes to the high heels.

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High heels/ Image: FanPop

Finally, Guéguen studied three dozen males ages 20 to 58 in a bar. He discovered that men were quicker to approach and speak to women wearing high heels.  Within seven minutes men were even speaking to Guéguen’s female colleague when she wore high heels as opposed to the 13 minutes it took them to engage her when she wore flats.

Guéguen stated that the change in a woman’s gait while wearing high heels may account for his findings. He also said it be “the demure appearance of the foot” while high heels. He added that the fact that numerous models are shown wearing high heels could have men sometimes mistakenly associating them with “sexual intent”.

High Heels Are Sexy

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