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Italy Confirms 1st Case Of Ebola

ROME, Italy – Like most of the cases of Ebola that pop up in countries outside of Africa’s affected nations, Italy has confirmed that one of their own healthcare workers has contracted the Ebola virus. The Italian doctor had been working in Sierra Leone treating patients who were infected with the Ebola virus, and then they themselves became ill. Italy has announced that they will be flying this doctor back home to Italy to be treated for the disease. This marks the first case of an Italian national getting the disease, and also will be the first time that anyone has knowingly been admitted into Italy with Ebola.

Italy Confirms 1st Case Of Ebola

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An Italian doctor working with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone was confirmed infected and is being flown to Italy for treatment. (Image from Wikipedia)

The doctor had been working outside of Freetown, Sierra Leone for just over a month before they were diagnosed with Ebola. They had been working in a small medical clinic treating cases of Ebola in one of the worst hit regions of the world. The doctor became cautious that they might have contracted the virus after they began showing signs of the telltale fever that accompanies the early symptoms of the virus. They were then tested for Ebola, and the test came back positive. This case will hopefully be caught early enough that the medical teams in Italy will be able to provide adequate treatment to them.

This infected doctor is being flown from Freetown to Rome by the Italian Air Force, who had prepared a special bio-containment flight. They will also be taken to medical facilities specially prepared for containing the Ebola virus. Italian doctors will be studying the virus there, as well as providing critical care.

Treatments for Ebola victims can often include dialysis treatments, and plasma transfusions from Ebola survivors. These methods are thought to not only help cleanse the body at a time when its own organs are shutting down, but the plasma is also thought to help the victims immune system recognize and respond to the Ebola virus more effectively. These types of treatments are part of what will be expected to aid in this doctors hopeful recovery.

Italy Confirms 1st Case Of Ebola.

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