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Black Friday 2014 May Be Biggest Shopping Day Yet In US

In recent years, Black Friday has become more of a 2-3 day long shopping event than just a single day. This Black Friday 2014 may prove to be the biggest shopping day in US history. All of this is based on speculation, but the hype has grown about this year’s event. With stores opening early on Thanksgiving Day, some as soon as 5pm, there will be plenty of deals out there to lure shoppers out of their turkey-comas and into waiting lines.

Black Friday 2014 May Be Biggest Shopping Day Yet In US

Black Friday At Target

This Black Friday in 2014 may end up being the biggest shopping day in US History. (Image from Wikipedia)

Almost half of the entire US population is expected to participate this year in the Black Friday shopping event. That means that nearly every adult will statistically be at some store on Thursday or Friday to buy something for somebody. Stores like Walmart and Kohls are choosing to open at 5 or 6 pm, drawing some controversy but likely also drawing big crowds later this week.

Billions of dollars will be spent later this week, kicking off a strong Q4 shopping season which may be the largest one on record. Time will tell just how big of an event this Thursday and Friday will be. With the US economy recovered from the recent recession, and on its way back to “normal” shoppers are expected to be out in full force. The expected amount spent per shopper will be higher than in most previous years.

Each store seems to have a different strategy for a successful Black Friday sale. Walmart is holding multiple launch times throughout Thursday and Friday that each have their own items offered. JC Penney is also trying the staggered sale tactic, but most of these stores seem to be offering their best deals right upfront on Thursday. Other stores are still choosing to remain closed on Thanksgiving, or just choosing to open later. For other smaller retailers it may be beneficial to open after some of the shenanigans at the larger retailers are over, but hungry shoppers are still out scouting for deals.

Black Friday 2014 May Be Biggest Shopping Day Yet In US.

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