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Black Friday Violence: Costco Employee Slashed By Box Cutter

NANUET, New York – Two Costco employees got into a bathroom scuffle before the store opened for Black Friday shoppers. The end result left one of the workers badly injured with deep cuts to his face and stomach. The other worker reportedly attacked him in the bathroom with a box cutter in retaliation for a dispute that the two had the prior week. Rather than letting go of the past, revenge seemed more in line with the fugitive employee’s plans.

Black Friday Violence: Costco Employee Slashed By Box Cutter

Box cutter

A Costco employee was attacked by his coworker at the Nanuet New York warehouse, and slashed multiple times with a box cutter.(Image from Wikipedia)

The injured employee was rushed to the hospital in Nyack, New York to be treated for the deep lacerations. Police, who know the identity of the perpetrator, are still looking for him at this time. It is not known if this employee will be a danger to others, or possibly even to himself at this time.

The Costco Warehouse is located at 50 Overlook Boulevard Nanuet, NY 10954.

This news put a little damper on Costco’s morale, but is not expected to deter shoppers from enjoying their experience at the members-only shopping club. The store opened at its normal time of 10:00 am this morning, and is expected to stay open until 8:30 pm.

Other reports of violence have been seen across the country, both by employees and by shoppers who are motivated by low prices and handicapped by fatigue. Awareness of personal safety has been a big area of focus for stores in recent years, as retailers work to better organize their sales. Some stores even employ outside security agencies to help provide additional security for shoppers and employees. Some employees and customers have been injured in killed in various incidents in years past.

Black Friday Violence: Costco Employee Slashed By Box Cutter.

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