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Vegan Pumpkin Pies from Whole Foods Recalled

Vegan pumpkin pies products have been recalled by Whole Foods Market stores in four states in the south-western US because they could contain undeclared walnuts. The Vegan pies have been sold in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas and could pose risk to those who have allergies from nuts according to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

On Wednesday, the supermarket chain said that it had decided to recall pies that were sold as half and full pies packaged. In a written statement, the company announced, “To date, no serious illnesses have been reported from the consumption of this product, which has since been removed from store shelves”.

Though there are no illness reports, the undeclared walnuts could pose harm to some people says the company. Moreover, the company does not want to take any risk and as such had decided to recall the products from four states in the south-western US that were mislabled.

Whole Foods recalls Vegan Pumpkin Pies in Four States

Whole Foods recalls Vegan Pumpkin Pies in Four States

It was a good decision taken by Whole Foods Markets said by FDA in a press release. The pie products were sold in four US States and these pies could contain undeclared walnuts as per federal agency.

The products that had ‘sell by’ dates between October 27 and November 30 were recalled says the company. The suspected product could pose illness to people allergic to nuts, but the agency has not received any report of illness linked to sale of the product according to FDA.

Buyers who had purchased the pies from its store in four affected states can give back the products according to the Austin-based grocery chain. Upon presentation of the receipt to the store, the customers will receive a full refund.

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