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Is Graphene Better than Steel or Kevlar?

According to the recent reports, US specialists exposed utilizing a minute shooting range that Graphene — a multi-layered material with a 10 to 100 nanometer thickness, may be a top-class bullet-proof material, since it appears to assimilate and diffuse 10 times more energy than steel or polyamide.

Graphene is an atomic-scale honeycomb lattice made of carbon atoms. Photo: Wikipedia

Graphene is an atomic-scale honeycomb lattice made of carbon atoms.
Photo: Wikipedia

Graphene was licensed in 2014 and it is a very thin carbon sheet, so thin that it just has 2-dimensions, however can hold weights 100 times heavier than steel.

Also, Graphene act as an incredible conductor for electricity and heat.

Specialists also admire this material for being tremendously sturdy and rigid because of its 2-D structure.

Some analysts said that graphene is strong on a genuine scale it could hold the power of an elephant that is adjusting on a pencil.

Right up ’till today, graphene hasn’t been tested for intense conditions, for example, withstanding the pace of a bullet. Jae-Hwang Lee, professor at the University of Massachusetts said his group was the first to test graphene under pace contrasted with the genuine bullet speed.

He further clarified, scientists couldn’t utilize conventional techniques, for example, genuine guns as graphene has such a tiny scale, Instead the group utilized a laser to help a silica micro-bullet to hasten towards a patch of graphene material.

Certainly, the micro-bullet hit different graphene sheets at a supersonic rate (up to 2000m/hour) with the help of the laser.

A British researcher at the National Center for Matter under Extreme Conditions said that the US specialists had the capacity to show standard ballistics configuration utility on a minute scale, which was an extremely energizing investigation.

The graphene multilayered material had the capacity to soak up around 0.90 MJ of ballistic energy/kilo and has splits rising over the impact range. Steel made materials have the capacity to soak up just 0.08 MJ/kilo at the same bullet speed.

Edwin Thomas, US research group member and Engineering Dean at Rice University, said that graphene is as excellent as the amount of energy it absorbs. He further added that the entire trap was to get the same number of splits on the affected material as you can since numerous breaks are related to an enhanced limit of spreading the impact into more material, much the same as a tempered safety glass does. Safety glass is intended to spread the energy of impact and placed it at any point.

The researchers also compared graphene’s rigidity and potency to materials developed to stop projectiles. Presently, engineers’ primary goal is to make graphene on a scale that it can be utilized as a part of large scale manufacturing so graphene could be the cutting edge bulletproof material.

Is Graphene Better than Steel or Kevlar?

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