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ISIS Ignoring Borders To Attack Kobani From Turkey

KOBANI, Syria – Fighters from the Islamic State’s forces reportedly traveled through Turkey to attack Kobani from the North. The terrorist organization has been fighting a long and bloody battle for control of the Northern Syrian town. Kobani has been a sort of fortress at times for ISIS troops, who have even used the city as a refuge against US air strikes in Iraq. The border town is a strategic location for logistics between the organizations fighters spread throughout Syria and Northern Iraq.

ISIS Ignoring Borders To Attack Kobani From Turkey

Explosions in Kobani

ISIS forces have reportedly traveled undetected through Turkey to attack Syrian forces from the North in Kobani. (Image from Wikipedia)

In the past, ISIS fighters had only been able to attack the Syrian forces from the West, South, and East. For the first time on Saturday, ISIS vehicles sped in from the North to attack the unsuspecting troops at the Syria-Turkey border. There is only one explanation for how ISIS managed to get there, and that is using Turkey as a passageway. Though Turkish officials refute any claims that ISIS was operating within their borders, their lack of admission is more ignorance than innocence.

Turkey had previously been giving supplies to Syrian rebels in Kobani, who had been fighting government forces there. In more recent times, aid from Turkey has stopped amid fears that supplies may fall into the hands of ISIS instead. Turkey may not welcome the presence of ISIS in their region, but many definitely feel like they should be something more to insure that they aren’t letting them use their country’s land unchecked.

As ISIS steps up their attack on the border town of Kobani, the US-led forces are also looking to pick up the pace of their attacks. Assad’s forces in Syria are barely capable of sustaining any type of air superiority over their air space, and not very likely to launch effective air strikes against ISIS forces. The US has conducted some small scale airstrikes against fortified ISIS strongholds around the city of Kobani, and hopefully will be able to launch more in coming weeks.

Foreign governments have mostly ignored the civil war in Syria, and have elected to not send any type of support to the area. There are many forces in the region fighting for control of key towns, and causing havoc for daily life in the country. If any foreign country decides to bring in support for one side or the other, they could cause effects that may backfire on them later. One thing that seems to almost be certain is that most countries agree that the forces of the Islamic State need to be stopped in their tracks. If allowed to spread, we could be facing another Cold War against Islamic State countries in the future, much like how we did with communism in the 20th century.

ISIS Ignoring Borders To Attack Kobani From Turkey.

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