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Mali’s Ebola Patient Cured, President Says 0 Cases In Country

KOUREMALE, Mali – Mali’s president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita addressed his country after the last known Ebola patient was reportedly cured of the virus. This was the 8th known patient in Mali to have contracted the virus. With no more cases of infection currently reported in the country, their officials continue to work to keep their border with Guinea secured. Restricting passenger travel in and out of the Ebola infected countries has dramatically reduced the cases of infection and helped contain the spread of the disease.

Mali’s Ebola Patient Cured, President Says 0 Cases In Country

Mali Reports 0 Cases Of Ebola After Last Patient Cured

Mali’s president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita reported that the last known patient in his country has been cured, and there are 0 cases known in his country. (Image from Wikipedia)

Of the 8 people in Mali who have contracted the Ebola virus, only 2 have survived. The virus continues to take its deadly toll on people in this West African region despite awareness and education about preventing the spread of the disease. All, if not most, of Mali’s reported cases of Ebola were from passengers who had traveled across the border into Guinea (one of the worst infected countries in the world). Sharing a border with a country that has such a widespread epidemic has its fair share of risks and consequences.

There are still hundreds of new cases of Ebola popping up each week in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. In total more than 99% of all Ebola cases have been contained to these three countries, and all other known victims had recent contact with infected people from these countries. The World Health Organization is working with all countries in the area to help treat and reduce the amount of infected patients. Even with more sophisticated medical treatment and a better understanding of how the virus works, the mortality rate is still more than 33%.

All in all Mali has managed to dodge a bullet with this Ebola epidemic, and having only 8 known cases is quite a remarkable accomplishment. So many people in Mali have families in Guinea, and prior to the outbreak it was common for people to travel back and forth to visit relatives. It has been hard on families who rely on face to face communication to keep up with their relatives in Guinea. The temptation to travel and make sure that their relatives are okay has taken its toll on many people’s patience who still manage to sneak past authorities and into the infected countries.

Mali’s Ebola Patient Cured, President Says 0 Cases In Country.

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