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Janay Rice Says Ray Rice Only Hit Her The 1 Time

After an elevator security camera captured Ray Rice knocking out his wife Janay Rice on February 15th, a lot of questions have come up about the couple’s marriage. Janay managed to stand beside her husband and partially defend his actions on that night. Janay and Ray had apparently gotten into a heated argument while staying in a hotel, and the altercation turned to physical violence. Janay may have gotten unruly with her husband, but he got straight up beast mode on her. With the swing of his athletic arm Ray cold-cocked her right in the face and laid her out on the elevator floor in one punch.

Janay Rice Says Ray Rice Only Hit Her The 1 Time

Ray Rice Only Hit Janay That 1 Time

When asked about her domestic bliss, Janay reportedly said that Ray Rice only hit her that 1 time in the casino elevator. (Image from Wikipedia)

The shocking camera footage then showed Ray Rice trying to pick his wife up off the elevator floor when the doors opened. He struggled to get her off the floor, and then dragged her out by her feet. The whole situation looked very bad for Rice, who later had to address his actions to the public. It is awfully hard to explain why you felt justified to knock your wife out cold with a punch, but he halfway managed to pull it off. When Janay talked about that night, she seemed to place some of the guilt for what happened on her own shoulders.

When asked if Ray hit her at any other time in their relationship, Janay said that it only occurred that 1 time. While some may not believe her, its still hard to fathom what somebody must be thinking to stay in a relationship where that has happened. Whether she felt like she kind of deserved for it to happen, it was very unfortunate for Ray Rice that it was all caught on camera, and it did not look good.

Rice must have all the charm in the world, because although he knocked Janay out the day after Valentine’s Day, the two got married about one month later. Ray Rice was still indicted by a grand jury for 3 counts of Domestic Violence, the fallout from which ultimately led to the termination of his player contract with the Baltimore Ravens. While he may be looking for work, it seems that he doesn’t have to look for love.

Janay Rice Says Ray Rice Only Hit Her The 1 Time.

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