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P.A. City Plan Charlie Brown Day Festival, Spruce Up “Ugly” Christmas Tree

A Pennsylvania city is getting into the spirit of Christmas by sprucing up a Charlie Brown-esque Christmas tree the city’s residents once rejected.

Officials in Reading, Pennsylvania are planning a Charlie Brown Day festival Dec. 20 to celebrate and decorate the city’s scrawny, 50-foot Norwegian pine.

The Reading Eagle reports city officials hope sprucing up the Christmas tree will attract visitors who have followed the tree’s saga through media coverage.

The city still plans to decorate the tree Saturday with a single red ornamental bulb – just how the scrawny tree in the infamous “Peanuts” holiday story was decorated.

More decorations will be added on Dec. 20, shadowing efforts by Charlie Brown’s friends in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

“We hope that this reminds all who are following the story of our tree of the deeper meaning of the holiday season,” the city said in a statement.

Reading officials tried to replace the scrawny pine after residents complained it was ugly and began raising money to buy a bigger, better tree. They ran into logistical problems and decided to keep it.

It appears as though the residents of Reading have taken a lesson from Linus, who defends the Peanut crew’s scrawny, withering tree in the 1965 cartoon special.

“I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really,” he said.

Reading is also collecting money to buy school children copies of the book “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to further celebrate the event.

In a Facebook post for the Rededication Ceremony for the Tree at 5th and Penn, officials wrote:

“The Mayor’s administration and City Council members are putting a plan together for a series of volunteer events that will highlight the season of giving and pay homage to the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and everything it stands for. We encourage everyone in our community and from around the globe to participate.”

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