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Spiderbands- The Cool New Workout System

Looking to give your workout session a twist? Try Spiderbands- a new system of aerial bungee cords.

A system made up of suspension cables that influence the weight of the body are Spiderbands which are similar to TRX. Spiderbands spin a web of assistance and resistance that are various enough to capture the attention of even the most agitated said by the experts of fitness.

Spiderbands are created by the owner of New York Brooklyn’s Fuel Fitness and fitness trainer Franei Cohen which could be used in gyms where they are connected to the ceiling and attached to the feet and hands of the users. These Spiderbands are used with a floor that is soft matted in her gym in Brooklyn.

As regards bands, Copen said that depending on the type of workouts, boxing gloves, bars and handles are attached to the Spiderbands.

Workouts Will Get Spiderbands Bungee System

Workouts Will Get Spiderbands Bungee System

The Spiderbands were developed by Franci Cohen spending 19 years which ranges from yoga to step aerobics. Moreover Cohen plans to broaden the business next year being masters in exercise physiology. A body cardio resistance is given by the Spiderbands that utilizes the weight of the body.

“It’s basically a pliable inner tubing covered by a bungee outer sheath. Doing bicep curl on the ground, the rest of body is standing still, but with the bands, the body needs to balance. It’s as if you have a spotter working with you.” Franci Cohen said.

Spiderbands give the exercisers the possibility to access otherwise unavailable challenging exercises says Franci Cohen.

Spiderbands has been called an interesting gizmo that combines assistance with resistance by Neal Pire, an American College of Sports Medicine expert and exercise physiologist from New Jersey.

“If you’re doing squats using those bands, it’s assistance on coming up; if you’re pulling down, it’s giving resistance. It looks useful. So long as the exercises are assisted or resisted appropriately you have a good tool with a lot of variety.”

The room in which the workout takes place requires an appropriate construction in order of being able to make use of the Spiderbands according to Neal. However, many gyms’ workouts will soon get the Spiderbands bungee system.


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