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Iranian Airstrikes Helps US Led Forces Push Back ISIS In Iraq

Airstrikes from the Iranian Air Force have dealt serious blows against the ISIS/ISIL forces that threaten all of Northern Iraq and parts of Syria. Being a neighbor to Iraq, Iran has a lot of personal interest at squashing this terrorist organization before it can effectively cross over into their borders. The fighters of the Islamic State have come from far and wide to wreak havoc and violence on innocent people in the Middle East. As the terrorist organization works to found their own country on the principles of Sharia Law.

Iranian Airstrikes Helps US Led Forces Push Back ISIS In Iraq

IRIAF Fighter

Joint Airstrikes from the Iranian and US Air Forces have destroyed key targets and ISIS convoys. (Image from Wikipedia)

Seeing Iranian and US military personnel virtually fighting alongside each other for the same cause is something that seems a bit odd in this day and age. The two countries have had shaky relations with one another since Jimmy Carter was president, and only little has changed since then. Though the leaders of Iran are admittedly more open to the US than in the past, most Iranians still do not support their government’s decision to be peaceful with us. As the old saying goes, “An enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Airstrikes from the two forces have but a damper on the previously unchecked operations of ISIS in Northern Iraq. The Iraqi military welcomes airstrikes from the US and Iran, as their forces on the ground have been pounded by ISIS so bad that morale has been low for a couple years now. It will take the effort of many organized forces to defeat the influence and power of the Islamic State. The group uses religious virtues to entice and recruit new troops from all over the world.

Some of the casualties discovered among the dead ISIS forces have been British, French, and American citizens who have given up everything at home to go off and fight a war on behalf of their religion. Most of these men believe that they are fighting for a good cause, and that their efforts will either make them martyrs or heroes.

While both of our Air Forces are having fun bombing the bejesus out of ISIS, our politicians are working to cut deals to come to an agreement about Iran’s nuclear status. It is a fine balancing act between supporting each other and demanding our own ways in this military and politic atmosphere.

Iranian Airstrikes Helps US Led Forces Push Back ISIS In Iraq.

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