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Steve Wozniak Finally Dispels Rumors Of Mythical Garage

It has long been commonly known that Apple Computers were first built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a garage together way back in the day. As it turns out, Steve Wozniak says there was actually no garage at all. If that doesn’t ruin your childhood, then maybe you’re just not an Apple kid. Wozniak sad that whole garage story was just a myth. It certainly helped lend street cred to the company for many years, and helped cement the image of an honest business in some people’s minds. Now the most valuable company in the world, Apple is nearly on top of the world.

Steve Wozniak Finally Dispels Rumors Of Mythical Garage

Woz and Jobs

Steve Wozniak finally dispelled the rumor about the mythical garage that was rumored to be the company’s first office. (Image from Woz.org)

Back when the duo was trying to start the company, funds were tight. The two Steves certainly did spend a lot of time in a garage hanging out, but Wozniak says that they didn’t actually do any work on computers there. The garage was apparently more of a place for them to kick back and relax.

Wozniak said that they worked out of their home out of necessity because funds were short. They may not have worked out of the garage, but the old myth doesn’t sound too far off from the truth. Let people believe what they want to believe at this point, the story has been so far ingrained in business lectures that it is an urban legend.

Wozniak, now a 64 year old man, started up Apple more than 30 years ago with his friends. Over time he has watched it go through its ups and downs, and now in 2014 it has amassed more wealth than any other company has in the past. Apple is at the top of the market, despite once being a niche product with slow sales figures.

Steve Wozniak Finally Dispels Rumors Of Mythical Garage.

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