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Technoference- How it Could be Hurting your Sex Life

It is the age of technology, and it is not a surprise to find people taking selfies obsessively at coffee shops, hangout spots, and even taking pictures before they can enjoy a meal. It is therefore, pretty obvious to find technology moulding into technoference, which is now supposedly ruining relationships, particularly sex lives.

After all, it can be hard to digest the fact that your spouse finds posting and liking Instagram pictures much more than listening to your day’s worries. “I was surprised about the amount of people saying that this happens in their relationship every day,” says Sarah Coyne, an associate professor in the department of family life at Brigham Young University. “You are sitting there and kind of bored and check Facebook … it is almost our default to turn to our phones.”

A team of researchers have, in a new study, found how technoference interfered with the life of the 143 married couples taken in for the study, and could also lead to their married life being unsatisfactory.

The researchers asked the study subjects to answer certain questions about technology use and their current relationship in an attempt to understand how technoference (interference of technology) affects the lives of these subjects. They found that around 70 percent of study subjects reported that a cell phone disturbance affected them and their partner very often- sometimes all the time.

Put down that phone! ‘Technoference’ may be hurting your relationship

Put down that phone! ‘Technoference’ may be hurting your relationship

“What I think the most important finding is, the more you let the technology interfere, the more conflict you have with your spouse or partner and that leads to not feeling great about the relationship,” she says.

Women who were a part of the study reported that they fought more with their partners due to this technoference, and it made them feel bad about their relationship. It also made them more depressed and less satisfied with life.

“Cell phone attachment is positively related to an increase in stress and anxiety and even depression,” says James A. Roberts, a professor of marketing at Baylor University Hankamer School of Business.

While it is sure difficult to stay away from technology and get a digital detox, technology can also be used to your benefit- “If we are sitting down and both watching TV together … that can be beneficial,” says Coyne. This could help bring the couple closer instead of pushing them apart.

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