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Dr. Felix Baez Recovers From Ebola In Geneva Switzerland

GENEVA, Switzerland – The Cuban doctor who became ill with Ebola a couple weeks ago has finally been cured of the virus. Dr. Felix Baez was working in a medical clinic treating Ebola victims, when he himself became infected from exposure. The doctor’s temperature had spiked, one of the tell tale signs of an early Ebola infection. Rather than being flown back to Cuba to be treated, doctors in Geneva Switzerland offered to take him in. Over the past weeks he spent his time recieving life saving treatment, similar to that he provided for his patients in the African clinic.

Dr. Felix Baez Recovers From Ebola In Geneva Switzerland

University Hospital Geneva

The University Hosptial in Geneva Switzerland, where Doctor Felix Baez was treated and cured of the Ebola virus. (Image from Wikipedia)

Now that Dr. Baez has been treated and has recovered, he was flown home to Cuba to reunite with his family. The last 2 weeks had been full of unsure times as Baez received experimental treatments not commonly used to treat Ebola. Thankfully for him the treatment was given early enough, and was effective at knocking out the virus in his body. He has been cleared, and is no longer at risk of exposing any others to the deadly virus. During his stay at the Geneva University Hospital, there was little to no risk of exposure to other Swiss personnel. He was treated in a specially prepared quarantine section designed specifically to contain and treat someone suffering from the Ebola virus. All along, the Swiss doctors worked to study and understand the virus.

One of the treatements given to the doctor was the experimental Canadian drug called ZMab. It was reported that in as little as 2 days after receiving his dose of ZMab he was feeling better and began his road to recovery. Baez is lucky, as more than 80% of all of the healthcare workers in Sierra Leone that have contracted Ebola have died from the disease. Even with some of these experimental treatments and early detection, doctors and nurses continue to die each week in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia.

Dr. Felix Baez Recovers From Ebola In Geneva Switzerland.

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