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Ron Ingraham MacGyvers A Radio To Save His Bacon At Sea

HONOLULU, Hawaii – After being lost at sea for about two weeks, Ron Ingraham got tired of playing hide and seek with the US Coast Guard (Who had already given up their end of the search). Floating in the ocean, catching fish to eat, and working on his tan got more boring than the seasoned sailor had hoped for. The 67 year-old fisherman turned out to be a lucky SOB, and a dang smart one at that too. Without the ability to navigate his boat back to the dock in Hawaii, he figured that the next best thing to do would be to fashion a radio out of scraps he had available at the time. Watching all of those years of re-runs of Hogan’s Heroes and MacGyver must have really paid off as Ron Ingraham sent a radio transmission on his handyman special.

Ron Ingraham MacGyvers A Radio To Save His Bacon At Sea

Hawaiian Islands

Hawaiian fisherman Ron Ingraham proves that retirement is for wimps and decides to set out on an adventure of his own. After his 3 hour tour turned into more like a 2 week trip in a floating tanning booth, he showed the Coast Guard that he was more of a MacGyver than a Gilligan. (Image from Wikipedia)

Radios of the US Navy picked up a distress transmission, it was Ron Ingraham and he sounded like he might need a little help. After already having been presumed a lost cause and probably dead by the US Coast Guard, Ingraham proved that they just don’t make old salty sea dogs like they used to. Ingraham claims that he just got lucky, but the truth is that he was just really freaking smart. Kids these days can’t even open a garage door without a 3/4 horsepower Craftsman opener, let alone make a functioning radio out of coat hanger and other garbage.

After being taken back to dry land, Ingraham reportedly gave the beach a few well-deserved kisses and proclaimed that he was headed to the bar to get a drink. What else is a bad mamajama supposed to do when they survive this kind of ordeal, but to go and get hammered drunk and wake up wondering if it was all a bad dream. Ron Ingraham’s family was more than relieved to find out that their husband and father was still alive. They got in the car and headed down to the bar, because they heard that drinks were on him that night.

After drinking the water from the guts of fish that he caught over his two weeks at sea, Ingraham might soon be swearing off sushi. Being stuck afloat in the ocean with no women and nothing but aphrodisiacs to eat can drive a man more than mental, if you know what I mean. Being the type of man that he is, he will probably be back on the water in no time, though with a shinier boat and a little more survival experience under his belt.

Ron Ingraham MacGyvers A Radio To Save His Bacon At Sea.

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