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Missing California Woman Dead In Trunk Of Family’s Car

MONTEBELLO, California – Police in California have been on the search for the missing Perez family after they were reported missing since December 5th. A new piece of evidence has turned up that has left investigators unsettled. The father, Daniel Perez, was suspected of taking his 4 young sons and kidnapping their mother, Erica Perez. When police began searching a vehicle suspected of being the family’s car, they found her dead body stuffed in the trunk, but signs of the father and sons were nowhere in sight.

Missing California Woman Dead In Trunk Of Family’s Car

Amber Alert

California Hightway Patrol issued an Amber Alert on Thursday and this morning the suspected children are in a stand-off with police on a San Diego freeway. (Image from CHP.gov)

The police in Montebello, California are now hoping for a better outcome for the couple’s four children. Fears that something bad may happen to the children, and to Daniel are well grounded. Given a supposed history of domestic violence and erratic behavior, it may be possible that Daniel Perez could also kill himself and the children, after having already been the most likely person to have killed his wife too. This is a dire situation that needs to be resolved quickly by police if they hope to recover the boys.

The family’s four boys range in age from 6 to 11 years old, all of whom would be defenseless against their father if he turned his violence towards them. Family members begged and pleaded on local media to get the little boys back safely. It is not known if Daniel plans to take the kids out of the country to Mexico, or if he has taken them somewhere else to dispose of them and possibly himself. Time may be running out, but the authorities have commented that they are acting in the most appropriate manner and are taking this matter very seriously.

An Amber Alert was issued on Thursday for the four Perez boys, stating that they father had taken them and giving a description of his black Toyota Camry he was last seen driving off in. It is suspected that this Camry is the vehicle that Montebello Police located with Erica’s body inside, but those details have not yet been confirmed.

UPDATE: California Highway Patrol stopped a vehicle with occupants identified to be the Perez family. Daniel Perez was in a stand-off with highway patrol officers, though he safely released two of his younger boys. The two other sons remain in the vehicle with their father as SWAT teams and hostage negotiators work to a peaceful resolution to this stand-off.

Missing California Woman Dead In Trunk Of Family’s Car.

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