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December 15th Deadline Fast Approaching For Open Enrollment

Washington, D.C. – If you haven’t yet forced yourself to sign up for health insurance, your supposed deadline is coming up in just a few days. December 15, 2014 marks the deadline for open enrollment on the Healthcare Marketplace if you planned on signing up on healthcare.gov. If you delay your enrollment after that cutoff date, it will effect the date that your healthcare coverage will begin. Those who wait beyond that date will need to wait weeks or a month for their health insurance benefits to kick in for 2015.

December 15th Deadline Fast Approaching For Open Enrollment

healthcare open enrollment deadline december 15

The deadline for Open Enrollment on the Healthcare Marketplace is December 15, 2014. (Image from Healthcare.gov)

This coming year in 2015 the US government is imposing a mandated tax penalty to all US citizens who do not enroll in some form of eligible health insurance. The penalty is on a per person basis, but with maximum household penalties in place to protect those with many dependents. The penalties, and brutish tactics used to force people onto this regulated gambling that America calls health insurance are simply dumbfounding. The fact that we all must carry some form of insurance is almost a violation of our human rights, and to some it flat out is a violation. Either way you play the game, you either have to cough up hundreds or thousands of dollars for insurance premiums or pay the tax penalties in the end.

One of the worst parts of not getting a qualified health insurance plan is that you will not only still pay all medical expenses 100% out of pocket, but the IRS will still charge you the full penalty. If you sign up for a low cost insurance plan, you will pay high monthly premiums and then probably still pay 100% out of pocket to go to the doctor due to the ridiculously high plan deductibles. If you tend to not get sick and want to take the risk that you may not end up with a catastrophic life event during 2015, you may do better to pay the tax penalty and call it a day.

Ultimately the choice will be yours to sign up for insurance or not, as the tax penalty is only imposed as a form of coercion. You cannot be arrested yet for not having health insurance, but it almost feels like that is the direction this government is heading. You need insurance to drive a car, and you now need insurance just to exist in this country. It may not be long before the same type of civil penalties are imposed for uninsured people as they are for uninsured drivers.

December 15th Deadline Fast Approaching For Open Enrollment.

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