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Why Do People Give Lottery Tickets As Christmas Gifts?

In recent years it has become increasingly popular for people to give lottery tickets as Christmas gifts. If you have been the lucky recipient of these already, then you may have gotten them in your stocking, in a card, or as your entire gift. Sometimes you may even think to yourself,”Why couldn’t they just give me the cash they spent on the tickets?” Whether you like it or not, it seems like lottery tickets are “in” for Christmas, and the lotteries seem to know it.

Why Do People Give Lottery Tickets As Christmas Gifts?

Lottery Tickets For Christmas

This advertisement from the California Lottery shows how the lotteries have begun marketing scratchers and lottery tickets as Christmas gifts. (image from CALottery.com)

The idea behind giving a lottery ticket for Christmas partially stems from being a cheapskate, as the simple prospect of making someone wealthy by just spending a few bucks can create anticipation and excitement with little money. Starting at just $1, anyone giving out gifts this year ought to be able to afford at least one. There is a lot of fun to be had sitting around and scratching off the tickets, or watching numbers getting drawn on TV even if you don’t win. If you are one of the lucky people who actually win, then you are probably eternally grateful for the person who hooked you up too.

Gift cards are still a likable item to get for Christmas, but lottery tickets and scratchers are still up for debate. They are fun, but statistically you will lose on most of them. The lottery is still about millions of people flushing a couple bucks down the toilet so that one lucky person can win a jackpot, and so the lottery commission can skim massive profits off the top. Since not all of the contributions go toward the jackpot total, the only people guaranteed to be cashing in on the Christmas sale of lottery tickets is the lottery company and the retailers.

Here’s to hoping that you get more than lottery tickets this year, and that you win if you do. If you do manage to win anything with your gifts, don’t make the mistake of buying more tickets with the proceeds. Go do something else that is guaranteed to be fun with the money, or treat yourself to something you enjoy. A quick trip to the coffee shop or a tank of gas for a road trip may be worth more while than reinvesting anything you win back into the lottery cesspool.

Why Do People Give Lottery Tickets As Christmas Gifts?

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