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T-Mobile Launches Unlimited 4G LTE Data On 2 Lines For $100

T-Mobile is playing the role of the underdog this year in the cellphone business, and they appear to be doing a good job at it. They have been stripping customers from other major carriers by offering plans with no contracts, and they have even been paying new subscribers Early Terminations Fees from the other carriers. They have done an excellent job at identifying all of the reasons why a new customer might object to joining, and then taking all of those reasons away. By now if you haven’t switched to T-Mobile, it might mean that you are loyal to your current carrier and you value that loyalty.

T-Mobile Launches Unlimited 4G LTE Data On 2 Lines For $100

T-Mobile 2 Lines Unlimited 4G LTE 100

T-Mobile is now offering unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data for $100 on 2 lines. (Image from t-mobile.com)

T-Mobile is by no means the most advantageous mobile phone carrier, as their network still has some shortcomings, but they are certainly one of the most reliable ones to sign up for. What makes T-Mobile great at this point is the ease of switching to their service, and their aggressive plan pricing. You could switch to T-Mobile in some cases and come out ahead from where you are on your current carrier. Whether you are just tired of contracts, hate your current phone and aren’t eligible for an upgrade with you current carrier, or just want a lower bill you could switch.

Another interesting thing that they are doing is selling their phones to qualified customers at $0 down with no interest on 24 month financing. This allows many customers to purchase top of the line phones with no money out of pocket up front, unlike many of the other carriers who may want $199 or so. It may seem silly to make monthly payments on your phone, but trust me the other carriers are charging you in your monthly bill for that $450 device credit you got on the contract too. Do the math and you should see that after the 2 year mark is up, if you keep the phone you will still continue to pay the same amount on most other national carriers. With T-Mobile, once the device is paid off the bill is no longer charged for the device.

Recently they announced that you can sign up for a plan where you get unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited talk, and unlimited text for $100 total on 2 lines. This is only $20 more than their family plan, but with the inclusion of unlimited 4G LTE data. If you have ever tried T-Mobile’s data speed without the 4G LTE coverage, you have probably pulled some hair out or lost some brain cells. The fact that their new unlimited data plan is very affordable is a plus, but it may only be offered for a limited time.

T-Mobile Launches Unlimited 4G LTE Data On 2 Lines For $100.

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