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China’s Economy Worsens As Business Look To Government For Stimulus

Beijing, China – The manufacturing sector of the Chinese Economy is seeing major declines in production output as demand for Chinese goods declines. Some of the economic woes being experienced by major manufacturers are a direct outcome of China’s overall economic slowdown. The largest purchaser of Chinese goods (China itself), has reduced the amount that it is spending and expanding. Orders just aren’t coming in for goods like they used to, and this is leaving some factories idle and some workers unemployed.

China’s Economy Worsens As Business Look To Government For Stimulus

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China’s factories are sitting idle, waiting for foreign orders or government handouts. (Image from Wikipedia)

China had been experiencing an economic, social, and industrial boom over the past 15 or more years, but now the tides are beginning to turn. China’s economy is not learning bow to cope with a market that isn’t growing like there is no tomorrow. Many manufacturing facilities had been built over the years to meet the supply demands of the Chinese businesses and foreign customers. Now that they are relying more and more on foreign purchases, the demand just can’t keep up.

One thing that businesses have been asking the Chinese government for are economic stimulus. Some of these may be in the form of monetary handouts, and others will likely be in orders being placed by the government. All that this stimulus will likely do is flood foreign markets with more goods, further deflating the price and creating more competition for business. This may be a good time to strike a deal with a Chinese company for manufacturing, because there are likely idle businesses waiting for work to do.

The US and other countries have already begun experiencing a bit of reprieve from the Chinese purchase of raw materials. With China buying less oil, metals, and other raw materials prices for goods across the world have declined. Most notably, gasoline has taken a sharp drop in prices. With China consuming less oil in it’s factories and machines it frees up more oil for other markets. China’s economic slowdown could also cause a decline in the cost of valuable materials like Gold and Silver as well, because without as much use in the manufacturing of electrical components some of that demand may go away.

China’s Economy Worsens As Business Look To Government For Stimulus.

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