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New Family Immigration Detention Center To Open In South Texas

Dilley, Texas – In the wake of President Obama’s proposed immigration reform, the government is working on opening a detention center for immigrant families. The re-purposed facility will be the temporary home of immigrant families who enter the United States illegally. Rather than breaking the families up, this facility allows correctional workers to house the families in a cell so that they can remain intact. This type of lockup is typically a preferred type of detention when family units are needed to be temporarily incarcerated before being deported back to their home countries.

New Family Immigration Detention Center To Open In South Texas

Family Immigration Detention Center Locations

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is looking to open a new Family Immigration Detention Center in Dilley, Texas during the coming weeks. (Image from ICE.gov)

The compound was originally an oil field worker’s camp, which temporarily housed the workers who manned the oil fields in South Texas. Since most of the infrastructure already exists on the premises it should be a relatively easy alteration for the Department of Homeland Security. There are roughly 80 housing units on the grounds, which can accommodate most average sized families. There will most likely need to be some upgrades made to the facility to fully transform it into a detention center, but it is a good start.

The Obama Administration is planning on a rapid surge of illegal immigrants entering the US after his proposed immigration reform is made into a law. The types of benefits afforded currently illegal immigrants from the new law will attract those families who have so far held off on crossing the borders. This preparation could show that the administration is taking any further illegal immigration seriously, and that the type of amnesty granted to millions of current immigrants will not be an ongoing courtesy.

There will likely be other Family Immigration Detention Centers built up around select parts of the country, as this one facility in Dilley, Texas can not even hold 500 immigrants at a time. There has been little talk about any other specific locations, but there are most likely already plans in place for other facilities near the US/Mexico borders in the Southern US.

New Family Immigration Detention Center To Open In South Texas.

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