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Police: Suspected Atlanta Serial Killer ‘May Have Had More Victims’

An Atlanta serial killer accused of fatally shooting three people is now suspected in the murder of 53-year-old Calvin Gholston, who was shot Sept. 27 at a DeKalb County strip mall where he was known to sleep, police said Tuesday. Aeman Lovel Presley, 34, is suspected of murdering two homeless men in downtown Atlanta and also killing a schizophrenic man in September.

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(Photo: Fulton County Jail)

Gholston, nicknamed “butterball,” wasn’t homeless but would often wander when he went off his medication, his brother told NBC affiliate XIA. “This guy (Presley), from what the police told us — this man knew every bus route, he knew the train schedules, he knew what time the place closed, so he preyed on him,” Gholston’s brother, Cedric Gholston, said of the suspect. “This guy preyed on him, and he probably did the same thing to the other victims.”

Presley, who writes he is an actor on his Facebook page, was caught last Thursday after police said he passed through a railway station entryway without paying for the fare. Gholston was allegedly Presley’s first known victim. Presley later shot two homeless men – 42-year-old Dorian Jenkins and 68-year-old Tommy Mims – in separate incidents during Thanksgiving week while they were sleeping in downtown Atlanta, police said. A week later, Presley allegedly targeted hair stylist Karen Pearce, 44, as she left a restaurant in nearby Decatur, NBC News reported. Pearce was confronted and shot while walking alone to her car in downtown Decatur on Dec. 6 after having dinner with friends.

Police connected the homeless deaths through the same type of gun they found on Presley, and then he allegedly confessed to killing Pearce, investigators said Tuesday. Police say there Presley could have more victims and were working on a motive for his crime spree. Presley remains jailed in Fulton County.

Police: Suspected Atlanta Serial Killer ‘May Have Had More Victims’

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