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Teens Fleeing Facebook

According to a source at CBS, a new study reveals that Facebook’s popularity among teens has dropped once more.  A report on the findings of a new survey completed by the research firm Frank N. Magid Associates indicates that in the US the percentage of teens ages 13 to 17 who use Facebook dropped to 88 percent in 2014.


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The report notes that two years ago (2012) –among that same age group — the percentage of teen users had dropped to 95 percent. The previous year (2013) it dropped to 94.

Additionally, the data also indicated a drop among all of the other age groups. Overall, Facebook’s popularity dipped to 90 percent in 2014 from 93 over the prior two years. A source at CNET stated that last year David Ebersman, Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer, admitted that “daily Facebook use among younger teens” fell from the second to the third quarter.


Teen on Facebook/Image: Complex

Last year Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg dismissed concerns that Facebook’s popularity is fading among teens. She claimed that “the vast majority of US teens are on Facebook, and the majority of US teens use Facebook almost every day.”

The study did acknowledge that the Magid survey conducted this past summer included less than 2,000 respondents. It further noted that only users with smartphones were included in the survey.

Among the participants, 18 percent said that Facebook as fun, 16 percent said that Facebook was informative and 16 percent said it was trendy. Only 9 percent said it was trustworthy and only 9 percent said Facebook was safe.

The research firm Forrester conducted a different survey last summer. Their results showed that among over 4,500 US minors from 12 to 17, Facebook remains the favorite social network. Sources at CBS note that survey members are but “a tiny fraction of the total population of Facebook users worldwide” estimated at “over 1 billion.”

Teens Fleeing Facebook

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