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Lance Bass Marries Boyfriend Michael Turchin

Los Angeles, California – Late on Saturday night, former NSYNC member Lance Bass married his long-time boyfriend Michael Turchin in a star-studded event. The wedding took place at LA’s Park Plaza Hotel, and festivities lasted until the wee hours of Sunday morning, before the newlywed couple left hand in hand to head home. The duo had been dating for about 4 years, and although Turchin is 7 years younger than Bass, you could hardly tell an age difference side by side.

Lance Bass Marries Boyfriend Michael Turchin

Lance Bass

Former NSYNC member Lance Bass married his boyfriend Michael Turin at LA’s Park Plaza Hotel late Saturday night. (Image from Wikipedia)

Most of Lance’s band mates were in attendance, except for Justin Timberlake. Other stars in attendance featured musicians, TV celebs, athletes, and movie stars. Being a multi-millionaire celebrity in California has its perks when it comes to picking a guest list. All in all about 300 guests turned out for the same sex marriage.

Since leaving the NSYNC line-up years back, Lance Bass came out of the closet on his sexual orientation in 2006. The news may not have come as much of a surprise to some, but he did receive some backlash for coming out as gay. Surprisingly he received some criticism from the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community for pretending to be a straight person, and not embracing his sexuality sooner. He has devoted much of his time, money, and fame to being a gay rights activist to stand up for what he believes in.

Lance had been dating the now 27 year old Michael Turin for about 4 years. Although the two are about 8 years apart in age, they have not let differences get in the way of their friendship and romance. With California allowing same sex marriages, the two legally tied the know at Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Lance Bass Marries Boyfriend Michael Turchin.

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