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Muhammad Ali Hospitalized For Mild Case Of Pneumonia

Living boxing legend Muhammad Ali has been reportedly hospitalized for a mild case of pneumonia. At his age of 72, and in his state of health, any case of pneumonia must be taken seriously. The potentially deadly condition can prove extremely fatal for the elderly, even if they were known for knocking out tough guys in their youth. Doctors report that he had recieved treatment soon enough that it should not cause any further risk to Ali’s health.

Muhammad Ali Hospitalized For Mild Case Of Pneumonia

Muhammad Ali

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has been hospitalized in an undisclosed hospital for a mild case of pneumonia. (Image from Wikipedia)

Ali is expected to be released from the hospital after he completes the recommended treatment and observations from his medical providers. To prevent any public surge of attention, the family has not announced the name of the medical center where Mr. Ali is being treated.

Ali was famous in his heyday for being the toughest competition in a boxing ring, and has maintained a polished public image since retiring. While avoiding scandals and other tarnishes on his image, Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease decades ago. Rather than letting his condition hold him back, Ali has used his elevated status as a celebrity to bring awareness to the disease which afflicts him.

For more than 30 years, Muhammad Ali has been battling with his Parkinson’s disease which has also kept him out of spotlight in later years. He resorts mostly to making public appearances for only special reasons. His neurological and physical health have deteriorated as he has aged, making it increasingly difficult to walk and function without assistance.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1942 under the name Cassius Clay he would later rename himself Muhammad Ali after converting to the religion of Islam in 1964. He was inspired by his meeting of Malcolm X in the early 1960’s, who had become his spiritual mentor.

Muhammad Ali Hospitalized For Mild Case Of Pneumonia.

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