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Yellowstone’s Thermal Pools Changing Colors Due To Tourist Pollution

Yellowstone National Park is famous for its beauty, and its unusual hydrothermic activity. The geysers like Old Faithful have made it famous for generations, and its thermal pools have captivated tourists with their beauty. Scientists have begun to determine that these famous thermal pools are changing their colors over time, and the catalyst is pollution from the tourists coming to visit them.

Yellowstone’s Thermal Pools Changing Colors Due To Tourist Pollution

Morning Glory Pool

Yelowstone National Park’s famous thermal pools are claimed to have changed in color over time due to tourist pollution. (Image from Wikipedia)

Yellowstone is a massive national park, that the US National Park Service maintains across the states of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. It was officially America’s first national park, and has been protected by the government since its establishment in 1872. Over time the park has drawn many respectful visitors, but even those with good intentions make some sort of impact on the preserves ecosystem.

Scientists recently declared that the thermal pools at Yellowstone got their natural beauty and colors from pollution, but that human interaction with the pools has begun to change the colors over time. Subtle amounts of pollution from the park’s countless visitors has made an impact on the specific coloration of the pools across the park, even if it isn’t apparent to most visitors.

The pollution from both the tourists and the atmosphere have transformed many of the thermal pools in Yellowstone park to give them their famous rainbow of colors. The once-blue pools have taken on various hues thanks to the types of materials deposited in the waters over time.

The pools of water remain heated by Yellowstone’s geothermic activity which is near the surface. Lava tubes flow just below the depths of the surface and heat the ground and water table to high temperatures. The boiling temperatures in some areas produce the famous geysers, while the thermal pools can range in heat anywhere from a comfortable hot-tub up to a nearly boiling pot of water. This heat keeps many lifeforms out of the water, as bacteria and other organisms generally don’t exist at these super-heated temperatures.

Yellowstone’s Thermal Pools Changing Colors Due To Tourist Pollution.

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