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Facebook Accused Of Scanning Private Messages For Marketing Purposes

Menlo Park, CaliforniaFacebook may be facing a lawsuit after some of its users showed disgust for the company making a habit of scanning private messages. Users who believed their personal and private messages on Facebook were never going to be read by someone else must have been living in a dark room for many years. Facebook has made a habit of electronically scanning the information contained withing people’s private messages in order to build marketing profiles for those users. This information has helped Facebook target advertising to users on the site, and has helped them earn some significant advertising dollars.

Facebook Accused Of Scanning Private Messages For Marketing Purposes

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Facebook may be facing a class-action lawsuit after all, based on the business’ practice of scanning private messages for marketing material. (Image from Facebook)

The company has tried to stand its ground, in its own defense of its business practices, stating that they should be allowed under law to scan the information contained within its users private messages for its regular business operations. The court still awaits an explanation of how scanning all of its users private messages is a part of Facebook’s day to day business operations. The current laws do provide some measure of privacy for personal electronic messages shared between users online, and the allegations are made on the claim that Facebook’s specific practices are violating those protected rights.

These allegations are not new, as they have been tossed around in court for over a year. Additionally, Facebook is not coming out to claim that it doesn’t make a habit of doing this to its user’s messages. Facebook feels that it has been acting within the lines of the law, and has been doing nothing illegal all along. It may take a court’s ruling to decide if this class action lawsuit has any further grounds to remain in court, and where it will be going from here.

Facebook Accused Of Scanning Private Messages For Marketing Purposes.

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