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Monkey Saves His Mate At Train Station After Electrocution

NEW DELHI –A Tail of Bravery! 

Bystanders at a train station in northern India watched in complete shock as a monkey using all his powers to bring back to life another monkey who was electrocuted and fell unconscious on the train tracks.



The unconscious monkey fell down between the train tracks, apparently after touching high-tension wires at the train station in the northern Indian city of Kanpur.

His companion came to the rescue and was captured on camera lifting the friend’s motionless body, shaking it, dipping it into a mud puddle and biting its head and skin — until the monkey came to after few minutes.

In this video posted on YouTube, we see heartwarming footage of the monkey refusing to give up on his mate and his desperate efforts to bring him back to consciousness. After a lot of biting, scratching and a lot of dunking in stinky sewer water, the other monkey finally began to show signs of revival.

Towards the end of the footage, we see that the monkey’s fully revived and sitting beside his friend, soaking in the sun.

Watch the incredible footage here:

The first monkey, completely covered in mud, opened its eyes and began moving again.

Crowds of travelers on Sunday watched in amazement the monkey giving first aid from the train platform, filming and snapping pictures.

There is much to learn from the animal kingdom and we might as well begin from this extraordinary tale of a monkey who refused to give up on his friend. For the record: everyone ought to have a friend like this.

*Kanpur is the first largest urban agglomeration in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the third largest industrial city in of the Hindi belt in North India and 10th biggest city in India. It is the administrative headquarters of Kanpur Nagar district and Kanpur division and is known as “Leather City” as it contains some of the largest and finest tanneries in the world. Kanpur is one of North India’s main commercial and industrial centers.

Monkey Saves His Mate At Train Station After Electrocution.

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