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Why Can’t I Lose That Extra Weight After The Holidays? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why can’t I lose that extra weight after the holidays?”you ask? Good question.  (Besides, it beats answering the question: “Why does my boyfriend insist on playing Nerf Herder’s “I Got A Boner For Christmas” every year?” Seriously!? You must really have a smokin’ body, girl, or do nasty things with your tongue because you obviously have no sense of humor; it’s a funny song!)

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Anyway, let’s not get Scrooged here and get to the question. According to a new study published in PLOS One journal, there ain’t no point in making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight because most folks just don’t drop the extra weight they pack on over the holidays.

Researchers at Cornell University report that the average person puts on approximately one pound from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. (No big whoop, right?) The problem is that those additional ounces usually stick with you and add up over the years.

Over your lifetime the holiday weight gain accrues contributing to what they call “creeping obesity” as well as a bunch of other potential health issues. In a sense, one reason you cannot lose that weight is because you didn’t notice it slowly creeping up on you until it reached a significant noticeable amount.

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Brain Wansink, head of Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab and the study’s lead author adds that while the new research reveals that even though your average grocery shopper bought three times as much healthier foods like vegetables and fruit following New Year’s Day, they did not stop buying junk food.

He states: “In an effort to eat healthier they wind up spending $20 more on food per shopping trip and eating 14 percent more calories than before the start of the holidays. “ Wansink also confirmed that people don’t lose that extra weight after the holidays because despite their good intentions they may not actually commit to their goal of losing the weight.

Wansink reiterated that people can’t lose that extra weight after the holidays because “even when people recognize that making a change would be best, they may have trouble following through on those changes. (T)hey continue to . . . eat more all year long and that consumption continues to rise every single year.”

Why can’t I lose that extra weight after the holidays? Now you know.

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