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Kodak Plans To Release 1st Android Phone At CES 2015

Las Vegas, Nevada – When you think about photographs a particular name probably comes to mind, but Kodak has been mostly absent from the industry since their bankruptcy filing a couple years ago. The once giant of cameras and film struggled to find its place in the changing age of the 21st Century, and soon lost its ground to the digital camera, and later the cell phone. Anyone short of geriatrics and select professionals will steer clear of good old fashioned film these days.

Kodak Plans To Release 1st Android Phone At CES 2015

Kodak Logo

Kodak announced that they will be debuting their new Android-based smartphone at the CES 2015 show next month in Las Vegas. (Image from Kodak.com)

In a plan to reinvent themselves, and to hopefully emerge once again in the realm of photography, Kodak has decided to go where the pictures go. Kodak is coming to market in 2015 with their very first smartphone. The plan is to release a Kodak branded device, that relies heavily on the company’s brand name and optics, and enter into the smart phone industry. Since Kodak virtually lost its business to the cell phone, they appear to be trying to fight fire with fire. It is still to early to tell if they will be successful with their own phone, but the fact that it will operate on an Android operating system should make it far more marketable and user friendly than Amazon’s failed attempt at the Fire Phone.

Kodak will be debuting their new device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2015. The major electronics show will take place from January 6-9, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The device will be carrying the Kodak name, but will actually be manufactured by a 3rd party names Bullit.

We are hoping that the phone packs some impressive optical features and photo editing software, to back up the Kodak image. It would be a major disappointment if the phone ends up coming out with just your average cell phone camera quality. The manufacturer is a very capable producer of rugged consumer electronics, so it is likely that the device will be built to a higher standard than most easily-breakable touchscreen smartphones. There is no news yet on exactly what features will differentiate the new Kodak smartphone from the flood of other devices out there already using the Android operating system.

Kodak Plans To Release 1st Android Phone At CES 2015.

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