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NASA Releases It’s First Official Mobile App for ISS Enthusiasts

It’s interesting to know that the International space station experiences 16 sunsets and sunrises every day because it only takes around 90 minutes to orbit the earth since it travels at a speed of 895.5 mph.

NASA Rolls Out 'Space Station Research Explorer' Mobile App Photo Credit: Flickr

NASA Rolls Out ‘Space Station Research Explorer’ Mobile App
Photo Credit: Flickr


If that fact fascinated you, and you are eager to learn more about the ISS, then you are in luck as NASA has released an app for the same purpose.

Named the Space Station Research Explorer, the mobile app has current information about the facilities and experiments, and also displays research results through videos, photos, descriptions and other interactive media. In order to let the users access this information easily, the app is divided into 4 sections: Experiments, Facilities, Benefits and Media.

The 6 main categories of the experiments section lays emphasis on the six primary categories of their experiments and their following subcategories. Experiments are represented by dots with the connection of dots through the stem showing the duration of the experiment in orbit. Search is also available for easier result filter.

A closer look on the three modules on the space station (Columbus, Destiny, and Kibo) is covered by the facilities section. An image is shown once a module is selected wherein the users can navigate through dragging on all four directions to see it’s different sides and view tracks currently not available on screen.

The benefits section, as the name suggests, lists out the important features of the International Space Station which has been proven advantageous to the people on Earth, divided into many subsections such as Human Health and Global Education.

The last section, Media, includes three tabs: Videos, Games and Podcasts. All are meant to complement information provided in the other sections, helping tie together the experience of not just using the app but learning about the ISS.

The final section, Media, consists of 3 tabs: Podcasts, Games and Videos. The content in this section is not provided by the ISS but is meant to complement them, hence summing up the overall experience of the application as delightful.

Space Station Research Explorer is available for iOS and Android devices.

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