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Woah! Birth Year Could Predict your Risk of Obesity

The findings of a new study seem to have revealed a shocking fact- people born before the year 1942 could be less likely to be affected by obesity as opposed to those born after the year.

The researchers claim that this is mostly due to the fact that a gene variant linked to obesity is more likely to be found in individuals born after the year 1942, and its effect turns out to be more strong in the later years.

These new findings seem to have put down the environmental factors linked to obesity to shame.

Your birth year can influence obesity risk

Your birth year can influence obesity risk

“We found that the correlation between the best known obesity-associated gene variant and body mass index increased significantly as the year of birth of participants increased,” said lead author James Niels Rosenquist from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

The researchers made use of data between 1971 to 2008 and took into consideration participants between 27 to 63 years of age. They measured the body mass index and height of the study participants and also the gene variants that they inherited.

They found that the association between the gene variant and BMI could be observed in participants who were born in the later years only. While there was a strong co-relation between the risk of obesity and BMI among individuals born earlier too, the co-relation was twice as strong among those born in the later years.

The researchers believe that the reliance on technology as opposed to physical labor, which started particularly post World War II and the increased availability of high calorie processed foods could be major contributors to obesity.

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