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McDonalds In Need Of Some McLovin After Recent Slide In Sales

America’s most recognizable fast food chain, McDonalds, is seeing some major decline in sales as consumers continue to flock to fresh new competition. America has become flooded with all kinds of higher end burger chains, and many of them are booming with business. Five Guys is among one of the major companies putting the squeeze on the burger flipping business. For just a couple bucks more than getting a lackluster patty at McDonalds, you can sink your teeth into a fresher and juicier burger elsewhere.

McDonalds In Need Of Some McLovin After Recent Slide In Sales

McDonalds losing sales month after month

McDonalds is trying a marketing approach to hopefully stir up some love for its food after a year of declining sales. (Image from McDonalds.com)

One certainly wouldn’t think that $5 to $8 hamburgers would be putting up too much competition for the $1 to $2 hamburgers at McDonalds, but the industry is really getting shaken up right now. McDonalds is not the only company seeing a dip in sales, but they are probably the most surprising company to be taking the hit. In addition to losing some lunch and dinner business to the hip new burger chains, other fast food chains have begun producing decent breakfast menus, which has also taken away from that pre-10:30 am sales at the golden arches too.

Documentaries aimed at informing the public about the gross processing that goes into most fast food has scared some customers away from McDonalds, whether it is the alleged pink slime that the burgers are made out of, the ooze that the chicken nuggets are made from, or any other number of sloppy messes that get assembled into our iconic food. America isn’t necessarily getting any healthier by avoiding chains like McDonalds, but the quality is more apparent in the food at most other places.

McDonalds needs to find a way to please its shareholders rather quickly, since many of them won’t tolerate many more consecutive months of loses. The financial loses being suffered by the burger giant seem to be picking up steam and heading in the wrong direction. Whether it will ultimately come down to their marketing or their food choices or a combination of the two, McDonalds needs to quickly figure out a way to drum up some more magic.

McDonalds In Need Of Some McLovin After Recent Slide In Sales.

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