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2 American Skiers Killed By Avalanche In Austria

The Alps are a well known place to ski, but parts of them can be dangerous for even the most experienced skiers in the world. The extreme cold and the thick snow provide hazardous challenges that can take a life in the matter of an instant. That is basically exactly what happened to 2 American skiers who were hoping to make the US Ski Team.

2 American Skiers Killed By Avalanche In Austria

2 American Skiers Killed In Austrian Avalanche

2 young prospects for the US Ski Team were killed Monday when an avalanche came barreling down on 6 of the team’s skiers. (Image from Wikipedia)

Ronnie Berlack, 20, and Bryce Astle, 19, were skiing near their training camp in the Austrian Alps when an avalance came barreling down on them. They were both buried, and later found dead when rescue crews arrived to dig them out. Four other skiers in their group managed to escape the avalanche.

The avalanche was setup by days of heavy snowfall, and mildly warm temperatures. The snow had apparently been loose, and all of the skiers were aware of the present threat that day on the mountain. As the avalanche began its decent, all of the skiers attempted to ski out of its path, but Berlack and Astle didn’t make it. The two youth were recently invited to the US Ski Team’s Austrian camp to prepare for upcoming races that would qualify them for various titles.

The mountain, known as Gaislachkogel reaches just over 3 kilometers in altitude, making it a great place for experienced skiers. The steep slopes and heavy snowfall ensure that skiing is capable during most of the year. Like all extreme sports, skiing comes with its own set of dangers that must be respected at all times by those who partake in the activity.

2 American Skiers Killed By Avalanche In Austria.

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