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Colorado: It’s ‘Good To Know’ About Marijuana

According to various online sources the state of Colorado is putting $5.7 million into a campaign this month to educate and inform its residents about marijuana and the responsible use of the drug. Colorado and Washington were the states in the country to make recreational marijuana legal last year.


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Yet according to a state-conducted survey on marijuana use and related perceptions, only 27 percent of the people there know it is illegal to smoke pot in public.  Only 23 percent are aware that one must be 21 years old to buy marijuana.

A source at USA Today reports that the believed much needed campaign is named “The ‘Good to Know’ initiative” will use the internet, newspapers and radio broadcasts. The initiative has a grass roots approach and focuses on being “relatable.”

One of the prepared radio spots includes banjo music and a rhyming cowboy. Dr. Larry Wolk, the state’s chief medical officer states the goal of this campaign is to educate the populace without alienating them. He told the press: “We want to be sure Coloradans have an opportunity to first understand all of the laws surrounding the legal use of marijuana. This is the key to understanding every other aspect, including youth prevention and health effects.”


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Fox 31 Denver reports that with the promise of plenty of marijuana tax dollars at stake, most people interviewed believe this promotional pot push to be money well spent especially since the funds behind this campaign is separate from the $40 million legislatively earmarked last year for funding statewide education.

Sources indicate the marijuana campaign could also aid in dealing with lawsuits filed against Colorado by neighboring states. The informative initiative will also make it clear to the populace that state officials understand that as far as legal marijuana is concerned, education is essential.

Colorado: It’s ‘Good To Know’ About Marijuana

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