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Mexico Investigates 11 Heads, 10 Bodies Discovered In Guerrero

Mexican authorities announced yesterday that they have discovered 11 severed heads and 10 decapitated bodies in secret, unmarked graves in the crime-ravaged southern state of Guerrero. The remains were reportedly located Tuesday in Chilapa de Alvarez. No official identification has been made as this goes to press.


Guerrero, Mexico/Image: ThoughtYouMayAsk

What is officially known at present is that some of the decapitated bodies discovered in shallow graves approximately 31 miles east of the capital of Guerrero—Chilpancingo. The 11 heads were found in a single grave in four plastic trash bags. Local officials stated that the bodies had their hands bound and showed signs of torture.

While there are some who believe the bodies belong to some of the 43 teacher trainees who traveled there last September although they have yet to be officially identified. In fact, the Mexican government is still presently investigating the disappearance of the teachers-in-training who were abducted September 26. Officials currently believe that corrupt policemen were working with a gang of drug dealers in Guerrero’s third-biggest city Iguala.


Missing students?/Image: twitter

Jesus Murillo, the attorney general, previously stated that what evidence they have on hand strongly suggests that the corrupt cops turned the student-teachers over to the drug cartel who in turn crudely cremated them as the remains of but one of the 43 missing students has been identified to date.

The students’ disappearance has incited numerous protests throughout Mexico. President Enrique Pena Nieto has been strongly criticized for not yet closing this case and for failing to put a stop the drug-related violence in his country.

US President Barack Obama met with Pena Nieto at the White House in Washington, D.C. this past Tuesday. He pledged his commitment to assisting Mexico in putting an end to the drug cartels but reminded Pena Nieto that the resolution to this problem is truly the responsibility of the Mexican government.

Mexico Investigates 11 Heads, 10 Bodies Discovered In Guerrero

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