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Taylor Negron, Comedian & Actor, Dead At 57

Taylor Negron was born in Glendale, CA on August 1, 1957, the son of Lucy (née Rosario) and Conrad Negron, Sr., a former mayor of Indian Wells, CA. He studied with Lee Strasberg and even had a private comedy seminar with Lucille Ball. Negron interned for Ball when she was 68 years old and he was 19.



I learned from Lucy that you never get what you really want and you have to be flexible.”Further adding what he gained from her, What I learned from her was what she learned from Buster Keaton – know your props, know what you’re doing, know where the exit is, know the entrances, know where the camera is. Get there early. Know everyone on the set. Do not pull any funny business. Be a professional.”

Negron started stand-up when he was in high school, getting a spot at the Comedy Store and began cutting his teeth as an extra in movies.

He made his full film acting debut in 1982’s soap satire Young Doctors in Love as a love-struck, pill-popping, dancing intern. He was also reknowned for playing Mr. Pizza Guy in Fasts Times at Ridgemont High and Rodney Dangerfield’s son-in-law in Easy Money. “I became the alternative everyman in movies.”

He played the villain Milo in 1991’s The Last Boy Scout. Said Negron on the role in the same KCET interview, “It wasn’t a stretch, but it came as a surprise to me, because Bruce Willis, Tony Scott and Joel Silver had this idea in their head. So when they offered me the part, I thought it was a joke and they had made a mistake in the printing — that I was going to play the first goombah to the left. I realized very early on that Joel and dear, dear Tony Scott really cared about appearances, so with great detail they blonded my hair and gave me that asymmetrical ’60’s cut.

It was like Hitler, only softer. I wore Dolce & Gabbana clothing and I looked so strange and otherworldly, and just by the sheer virtue of the fact that I had a gun in my hand, that did all the acting for me.”

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