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Smart Homes Quickly Picking Up In Popularity Despite Security Risks

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) was abuzz with fancy new gadgets to connect your home to the Internet. This new trend in connecting every electronic part of your house to smartphone will probably become the next big thing in electronics. Smart Homes (Home Automation) are the new thing, with people buying security cameras, thermostats, garage door openers, and all kinds of fancy gadgets to control around the house from their phones. Yep, there’s probably an app for that. But loading up your McMansion with too much spy-like gear might have you looking more like a Maxwell Smart and less like a James Bond.

Smart Homes Quickly Picking Up In Popularity Despite Security Risks

Smart Homes Exposing Owners To New Kinds Of Crooks

Devices that connect the home to the Internet sure are convenient (and expensive), but they could also be allowing others to access your home without your knowledge. (Image from Wikipedia)

If done incorrectly, you may just be setting your house up for a new kind of burglar. These high tech bandits are not the type that are trying to hack into your bank account and steal your funds, these guys are going after your front door, and looking to disable that fancy new front door lock that you hooked up to the web. Now, you may think that you are the only one who can access your hardware, but you may be dead wrong. These bandits could roll up into your garage when you are gone, and then unlock your door without even touching it. Worst yet is that law enforcement will probably take a long time to catch up with these crooks.

If you have one of those fancy garage door openers that reminds you when you left the door open, and tells you when you last opened or closed it, you might just be giving the crooks exactly what they need. Now they can start to setup a way to monitor your house to discover when you are pulling out of the garage, and use this as the time to pull right up and do their dirty work. All the while you were sitting there thinking that all of this information was good to know, and only for your eyes.

The fad basically started with thermostats like Nest, which allowed users to adjust their settings and temp of the home when they weren’t there to control it. This allows users to save money by lowering energy consumption when they aren’t home, and also get the system set to your preferred temperature before you get home. Garage door openers were next, and the door locks and other gadgets quickly followed. Now you can be sitting in Miami on the beach, and let your neighbor in to feed the dog back home in Los Angeles, all from your phone. With your little drop cams and other devices you can also eavesdrop on the babysitter, or spy on the kids when they get home from school.

Don’t go about installing all of these devices around the house without first considering the level of risk that you are exposing yourself to. Consult a professional who can help guide you in your search and make recommendations about what you can best do to secure yourself and your house.

Smart Homes Quickly Picking Up In Popularity Despite Security Risks.

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