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US Absence From Paris March Against Terrorism Not Taken Lightly

Washington, D.C. – Over the weekend millions of French people and their supporters took to the streets of Paris to show their support against the recent attack at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters last week. Many world leaders took the time to fly to Paris to attend the event, most importantly to show their support for the French people and their opposition against terrorists worldwide. One major world leader was strangely absent from the festivities, and that was the US President Barack Obama, or anyone from the White House for that matter.

US Absence From Paris March Against Terrorism Not Taken Lightly

White House Absent From Paris March

President Barack Obama and all other members of his cabinet were completely absent from the Paris March over the weekend, while other world leaders attended to show their support. (Image from Wikipedia)

Their absence was duly noted, not just by Parisians, but by Americans as well. John Kerry, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, not even an intern was sent to Paris to show our solidarity with the people of France. Our country had once been attacked by terrorists, and foreign governments poured out their heart-felt support for the people of New York City. You might think that the least we could do is return the favor and pay for a few plane tickets to attend the event.

As the US continues to fight it’s coalition war against terrorist groups in the Middle East, we should remain vigilant in our stance against their aggression. We do not want to show any form of support for them, even if that means by not taking proper action at all.

President Barack Obama didn’t dare change his plans to speak in Arizona over the weekend, on the topic of the recovering US economy. The prioritization of where to be when you are that high in office must be difficult to decipher. The White House has begun to show its regret for not attending the Paris march, but it may be too little too late and might not get taken seriously.

US Absence From Paris March Against Terrorism Not Taken Lightly.

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