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WHO: World Governments Not Doing Enough For Ebola Epidemic

The obvious indifference of world governments to tackle the Ebola virus epidemic head on has contributed a lot to the seriousness of the whole situation.

A document just released by the World Health Organization, stated that the agency will ask for more influence in taking more active role in the future if ever similar emergencies do happen again.


WHO has been taking a lot of the blame for what seems to be its inability to put in place the much needed programs and counter measures to contain the Ebola virus epidemic. The deadly virus has killed 8,473 people so far from over 22,000 cases.

A report is being prepared by the agency right now and promised to release it after the present crisis has been completely resolved. .

However, gathered from the documents submitted to 34 nation which compose WHO’s Executive Board, the agency has condemned governments that imposed International Health Regulations in the areas of public health risks and disease outbreaks at risk by closing borders and stopping people from countries with is affected by the infection.

Most of the affected countries according to the report lack that minimum requirements in important areas such as supervision, readiness and the ability to give proper warning concerning the disease.



In a separate report, it was suggested that it is necessary to change the present system in the organization by giving it additional power for it to be able to take effective and better measures in the future in case the same emergency happens again.

We can recall that three West African nations have suffered a lot because of the infection. The devastation that swept Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia was so bad that their economies have been greatly affected by it.

The ebola epidemic has been going on a roller coaster ride. It appears to ebb only to rise again.

WHO: World Governments Not Doing Enough For Ebola Epidemic.

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