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Kurt Busch Says Ex-Girlfriend Patricia Driscoll Is Trained Assassin

Kurt Busch came out in court to make wild accusations that his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll may just be a highly trained assassin who has killed people all over the world. Take a moment to re-read that first sentence and let it sink in. He testified that in court! These allegations came in his defense, after he had been accused of abusing her during their relationship. If his claims check out to be true, then he may have just lived with someone who brings to mind Uma Thurman’s character from Kill Bill.

Kurt Busch Says Ex-Girlfriend Patricia Driscoll Is Trained Assassin

Kurt Busch Claims Ex Patricia Driscoll Is Assassin

Patricia Driscoll, seen here with her son Houston, looks like anything but a highly trained assassin working for the US Government to kill high level targets. (Image from Wikipedia)

If you think that Kurt Busch is one step away from the looney bin, then you may just be dead wrong. Busch has associates who knew him and Driscoll very well who could back up his stranger than fiction allegations. On several occasions she had professed to Busch’s friends that she was a trained assassin who worked for the U.S. Government taking out people all over the world. Busch claimed that she would recant information from some of her missions to him, and showed him substantial evidence to back up her stories.

This might leave you wondering how much of either side of the story is true, or if Driscoll was a compulsive liar who just happened to be attractive enough to be given the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps Driscoll is an assassin, but it seems more likely that she is just a really convincing story teller who had delusional fantasies.

If Busch’s claims end up checking out, and Driscoll does turn up to be a hired assassin that works for the U.S. Government that might just blow the cover off of a major U.S. operation. To further make things seem strange, Driscoll and her lawyers did not attempt to even refute the assassin allegations.

I think I can smell the tell-tale signs of a psychopathic ex-girlfriend who is out to ruin his career with her accusations. At this point maybe they are both crazy, and could have been perfect for each other after all.

Kurt Busch Says Ex-Girlfriend Patricia Driscoll Is Trained Assassin.

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