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Disneyland-Linked Measles Cases Rise, 26 People Infected

The number of measles cases linked to Disneyland have risen recently after an unvaccinated woman visited the place, and apparently, the numbers affected have reached 26. This is concerning, considering Fresno County has not recorded a single measles case since the year 1994. Medical experts recommend vaccinating children against rubella, measles and mumps to stay on the safer side.

It is also believed that of the 26 infected in Disneyland, 12 people were never actually immunized. The vaccination status of six other people were not known.

According to Norma Sanchez from Fresno County Health Department, you shouldn’t be concerned if your children are immunized against measles.

More Measles Cases Linked to Disneyland

More Measles Cases Linked to Disneyland

Sanchez explained, “People say, how can that happen? Interestingly enough, when we do go to events there’s people from all over the world that come to places that we take for granted. It’s just around the corner. However the majority of the people could have come in from other parts of the country who could possibly be infected with measles.”

Experts also claim that the infected individuals were present at Disneyland between the 15th and 20th.

Martin said of the virus, “It’s airborne. You could walk into an elevator one maybe even two hours after someone has been coughing in it and still pick it up without touching anything.”
Martin called the vaccine 90% effective and said adults do not need a booster shot. “If they’ve had the two shots or like me, they’ve had it already you’re typically protected for life.” Four other measles cases linked to Disneyland have also been confirmed in Utah, Colorado and Washington.

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