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Russian Cat Climbs Into Box To Save Abandoned Baby’s Life

A newly born baby was abandoned in a box on the streets in Russia, and left for dead by its parents. With below freezing temperatures, and nothing to keep the baby warm, the little child would not have lasted for long outside. If you know much about cats you know there are probably two things that they can’t get enough of, and that’s babies and boxes. This perfect combination made for a cozy place for a long-haired tabby cat to lay and share its warmth with the orphaned child.

Russian Cat Climbs Into Box To Save Abandoned Baby’s Life

Masha The Cat Saves Abandoned Baby

A long-haired tabby cat’s maternal instincts kicked in when it discovered an abandoned baby boy inside a box. (Image from Twitter)

Masha, the long-haired tabby cat laid in the box and got the attention of people walking by the trash canister where the baby’s box was left. Someone finally caught onto the cat’s unusual behavior, and noticed that there was a living baby inside the box with her. Masha is an outdoor cat, who lives in the neighborhood. She doesn’t belong to anyone in particular, and shares her affection with everyone she meets. Most of the neighbors pitch in to feed and care for her, and it seems that she had finally returned the favor.

Despite being exposed to the brutal winter weather for more than a couple hours, the newborn baby was able to survive off of Masha’s warmth. Health officials announced that the baby did not suffer any ill effect from exposure to the cold, thanks to the friendly cat. The baby in question was a healthy boy, who owes his life to this cat.

The fate of the young boy, and the unknown parents who left him to die are yet to be determined. Officials will likely attempt to track down the baby’s mother to press charges and find out why she had decided to leave her newborn baby in the winter cold without first seeking appropriate help.

Russian Cat Climbs Into Box To Save Abandoned Baby’s Life.

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