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Is America Finally Ready For Mitt Romney In 2016?

Perhaps after a few more years of the Obama Administration marinating in the White House, America may finally be ready for Mitt Romney in 2016. The Republican candidate from the 2012 election stood proudly against President Obama as he championed his political and economic protocol. He may have been a bit uptight for many of the younger voters, and his comments got him in trouble with voters more than once, but some of his points are ringing true today. We continue to watch a degrading relationship with Russia, and a soup sandwich of a situation in Israel and the Middle East, just like her predicted 3 years ago.

Is America Finally Ready For Mitt Romney In 2016?

Mitt Romney 2016

America didn’t completely reject Mitt Romney in 2012, and he might come back swinging in full force in 2016. (Image from Wikipedia)

Mitt is no stranger to politics, as he was the Republican Governor of the typically Democratic state of Massachusetts. While in office he created some reforms that lead to better perceived healthcare and education across the state. His resume should have been enough to seal the deal, but he kept struggling with putting his foot in his mouth from time to time. Mitt caught a lot of negative attention for his comments about how 49% of America was going to vote for Obama because they were on food stamps, and other risque comments.

America may not have been ready for a Mormon in office either, as Mitt Romney stood proud about his religious beliefs as many questioned them. It has been a long while since America has had a strongly religious president, and as times have changed people might have grown less accepting. We struggled so hard to create a separation of church and state during the founding of the Constitution, but that was never meant to mean that those in office could not be openly religious.

Perhaps after 8 years of a Democrat in office there will finally be enough voters who are willing to vote for a Republican candidate again. Whether they like his ideals completely or not, they may just want to see some significant change.

Is America Finally Ready For Mitt Romney In 2016?

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