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Gay NFL Draft Choice Michael Sam Proposes To Boyfriend

According to a Reuters’ release, gay NFL draft choice Michael Sam, announced on social media yesterday that he is now engaged to Vito Cammisano—the man he kissed on TV following his selection by the St. Louis Rams.  No longer with an NFL (National Football League) team, Sam posted a photograph on Facebook showing him on his knees in front of Cammisano offering him a ring. The two men were on vacation in Italy at the time of the proposal.

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Vito Cammisano and Michael Sam/Image: Twitter

Sam, who celebrated his birthday on January 7, commented on Facebook: “Thank you for making my 25th birthday a very special one.” He also tweeted: “Thank you for saying yes.”

Sam publicly announced his engagement to Cammisano on the same day the United States Supreme Court agreed to rule on whether the individual states can actually ban gay marriage thus further probing a controversial social issue that is expected to be “one of the most anticipated rulings of 2015.”

As this goes to press, 14 states in the US currently have bans on gay marriage. Other states that previously banned gay marriage have had said bans struck down by US judges.

As a senior at the University of Missouri Sam was selected as the Southeastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year before he graduated in December of 2013. The next February, prior to the NFL Draft, Sam revealed to the public that he was a homosexual He was chosen by the St. Louis Rams in a late round of the draft which he celebrated by immediately kissing Cammisano during the television program.

Michael Sam was dropped by the St. Louis Rams in August. He was quickly chosen by the Dallas Cowboys practice team. They let him go in October. This past December Sam was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey to whom he confessed that he continues to dream of “playing in a regular season game.”

Gay NFL Draft Choice Michael Sam Proposes To Boyfriend

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