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Saudi Beheading Of Myanmar Woman Sparks Outrage From Rights Groups

Just moments after being declared guilty in a Saudi court, a woman was dragged kicking and screaming into a parking lot by police and a man clothed in white. She screamed to proclaim her innocence, against a court that is all too eager to convict women without due process. The woman from Myanmar was accused by her Saudi husband for being responsible for the death of the couple’s 7 year old daughter, though exact details of the case still remain a mystery. She was helpless against the brutality that would follow her trial, and she ultimately paid with her life.

Saudi Beheading Of Myanmar Woman Sparks Outrage From Rights Groups

Saudi Execution Of Myanmar Woman

The graphic video taken at the scene of an execution shows the horrific nature with which Saudi Arabia’s Sharia Law carries out its death penalty. (Image from YouTube.com)

The graphic video was filmed by an onlooker who stood back from the group that actively participated in subduing the emotional woman. Even though the resolution was low, and details were shaky at best, you could clearly see and hear her pleading for her life. She repeated the same phrase over and over, as if the men who wished her dead would change their minds. A man wielding a sword seemed eager to get the woman into a position where he could easily cut at her head. Some even claim that the man in white was the woman’s husband, determined to deal justice at his own hands.

After the woman fell to the ground, the executioner held her by her clothing around the top of her head. He took two hard swings with the sword, and the woman let out one last audible gasp. The horrific sound signaled the end of the execution, as blood began to pour out of her severed neck. The sword not only decapitated her head, but cut off the shroud that was covering her face. The executioner seemed nervous after he delivered the final blow, seemingly contemplating taking another swing at the woman’s neck.

It is clear from the video that many of the police who were present were determined to witness the execution, as none made any attempt to stop the process. The video was posted onto social media shortly after it was taken, and soon became the subject of many woman’s rights and civil rights groups. Saudi Arabia has been ridiculed for their continued use of barbaric beheadings as a sentence for sometimes petty crimes.

Saudi Arabian officials, embarrassed by the leaked video have reportedly arrested the person that they believe to be responsible for recording the execution and posting it online. He may not be expected to receive the death penalty for the crime, but he will likely receive a significant punishment. Filming a beheading is illegal under Saudi law, and even though it is rare for them to be filmed, this execution was already the 10th execution carried out by Saudi courts since the beginning of 2015.

Saudi Beheading Of Myanmar Woman Sparks Outrage From Rights Groups.

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